The Resurrection of Berlin’s Lenin – well, his head.

Today, the head of the former Lenin monument placed in Berlin during the times of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) got unearthed in order to be presented in an exhibition of historic monuments in the west of Berlin.

(c) Ruptly TV

The head was just the upper part of a much larger monument of Lenin originally located at Lenin Plaza, now called Platz der Vereinten Nationen (Plaza of the United Nations), in Berlins district Friedrichshain. In 1991, the first Mayor of the reunited Berlin organized the disassembly of the statue, and the head with its over 3 tons of weight was buried in a forest in the outskirts of Berlin.

There has been a great deal of controversy over this step, as some people consider the era of the GDR as such a dark chapter of german history that they prefer to have every memory of it erased, in order to prevent nostalgic political feelings. Another group of people already critizised the original idea of disassembling the statue back in 1991 and consider it as a integral part of german history that should be remembered and discussed.

For some time, an official argument against unearthing the head was that city representants stated that nobody had any idea where the head exactly was located. This argument was refuted, when US-American film maker Rick Minnich joined the conversation. Minnich had recorded a satirical movie and, as part of its plot, not only had investigated the exact position, but even presented a scene where he himself uncovered parts of Lenins head.

(c) Rick Minnich

The last obstacle in the way was the finding, that a certain species of endangered lizards by now had populated the head, so that during every action taken, the protection of the lizards had to be warranted.

After all, the head did get unearthed today and by midday, it was presented at the location of its future exhibition at Citadel Spandau.

(c) Ruptly TV