About this blog


Hi there! I’m a 28-year-old german psychologist and music-enthusiast, currently located in Berlin, Germany.

Recently, I started my psychodynamic training in order to become a psychodynamic-orientated psychotherapist. The idea behind this blog is to share my enthusiasm about reflecting what i learn and trying to apply it to my everyday life.

In addition to that, I’m crazy about music (indie rock, singer/songwriter, grunge, punk, shoegaze, college rock, country, folk, but also mainstream pop), concerts, guitars, setlists and always in search of other lunatics.

After a 10-month stay in México in 2009, working voluntarily for a migrant shelter, I am still fascinated with latin-american culture and try not to loose my connection with what i lived and experienced over there.

I will write in english and (for reasons mentioned before) sometimes in spanish. I’m not a native speaker in neither of these two languages, but don’t want to shy away to try to write in them because I’m convinced that the only way to improve is to use them. So please be indulgent with all the errors that definitely will come up. If anyone cares, I’m always open to and thankful for well-intentioned corrections.

Important topics of the blog will be psychodynamic reflections, music, concerts, politics, art, movies and attempts to broaden my view by learning about other parts of the world, especially Latin-America.


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