Listen to OK Lady, Roman GianArthur’s new EP of sensual Radiohead R’n’B covers

I’m a huge fan of Radiohead. And yeah, stating this by now is probably as revealing and innovative as saying „My lungs like fresh air“ or „a cup of coffee can be so revitalizing“, but well, nevermind, still it’s true. So this is a true nice little gem for the weekend.

As Stereogum points out, Roman GianArthur just released OK Lady, an EP of Radiohead covers transfered into a beautifully lush and funk-loaded R’n’b sound that evokes associations to the likes of Esperanza Spalding or Miguel.

Roman GianArthur is an artist on Wondaland, the label that was created by Janelle Monáe (who with Tightrope, imho, released one of the most catchy and vibrant singles of the recent New R’n’B revival, and who a few months ago got censored on US-national television when speaking out against police brutality and expessing her support for #BlackLivesMatter )

Radiohead themselves in various occasions have refered to In Rainbow as their sexy record (not in these exact words, because, you know, they’re Radiohead, but I’m too lazy to look up the exact quote now), and therefore the rearranging of All I Need and Nude (now called SEND:TON) in such a lush and sultry way doesn’t seem like a complete reinvention, but rather like pushing the concept that is already seeded in the songs even further.

Concerning the songs from the older catalogue of RH, especially the moment in High & Dry, where the painful realization of it’s the best thing that you ever ever had is followed by a pragmatical that’s you (as if it still needed any confirmation – ha!), before this Purple Rain’y guitar howl drowns everything, is just ace. No Surprises, featuring Monae, now in its new chilly and playful arrangement feels a lot more comforting than Thom Yorkes (equally genius!) overwrought intonation that made the song feel like a suicide letter. And to translate the originally over 6min long monster of Paranoid Android into a colorful funk rework with vocal samples, haunted choir harmonies and and a pretty vivid rhythm section can only result in something pretty chaotic and messy, but equally enjoyable.

You can stream and download the whole 6-song EP on GianArthurs official soundcloud profile.



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