How stable are the columns of the Brandenburg Gate? (A metro story from Berlin)

If you have ever used the subway (or locally so-called U-Bahn) in Berlin, you might have noticed how the window panes of some waggons are covered with a transparent lamination that features little reproductions of the Brandenburg Gate, arguably the most important tourist s2015-09-04 bbt_metro1ight-seeing spot in Germanys capital. These laminations were glued to the windows in order to prevent scratchings and demolition of the glass below.

Now, as the taz reports, one of the commuters must have taken an attentive look at these little gates, because he/she figured out that the second column from the left of the Gate is drawn perspecitvely wrong. It appears that this column isn’t straight, but is twisted before touching the ground. Furthermore, the lengths of the columns differs so that a close watcher has to worry about the stability of this little thingy. A couple of two graphic designers was so annoyed by this that they started to design their own drawing of the tourist magnet, this time perspectively accurate.

When they actually offered their drawing to Berliner Verkehrsverbund (BVG, Berlin Transport Company), they were rejected as the BVG had already instructed their designer to produce an improved version. According to them, they were just using up a few left-over copies of the old laminationand that since April / May of this year, the new design would be used now. So I’ll have to watch closely to discover the difference, then…

2015-09-04 bbt_metro2ganzkl

…probably a very german discussion.

You can check out the two designs in the original article of the german taz here.


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